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Goddess Becky Superior's Blog.

I'm a professional Dominatrix in Cambridgeshire.

I write articles to influence, inspire and educate all minds whether kinky or curious in relation to BDSM, femdom relationships & psychology. 

I hope you enjoy reading my posts and resources of information relating to kink style of living and practice.

One of the best experiences in life for me so far is growing older, wiser and more confident.


I have been involved in the fetish and Femdom world for 20 years. I want to share with you some of my wisdom, knowledge and insight  I have gained along the way with my experiences.

I am more passionate with my work than ever before. Nothing makes me happier than empowering others to feel confident in following their true desires & embrace and explore their individuality.

I wish to create an online community of freedom, expression & peace of mind for those within. A safe unity to share your individuality. Using my authority & power to promote my love of the BDSM lifestyle & industry & show  the true meaning of our misunderstood yet wonderful world.

Never be afraid to show the world who you really are.

With love & gratitude 

Goddess Becky Superior xx


"The Superior Woman" @superiorwomanuk


"The right people hear you differently"

Goddess Becky Superior

'The Superior Woman' @superiorwomanuk

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