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Sexual Freedom Within Relationships

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Ladies, never be shy or hold back about your needs and desires.

Men are eager to please and worship your body. Use this to your advantage. Coach them, reinforce your Female authority intensify his needs and ensure your man remains loyal.

Don’t settle for less than you want or deserve not just sexually but emotionally too.

This applies to men also in relationships but I will write a separate blog about this.

If a situation no longer serves your life, adds value or purpose or no longer makes you feel radiant despite your best effort don’t be afraid to walk away!

As an Alpha Female it does not mean I don’t have a feminine mind. I still like my men to be masculine. It simply means I know what I want and I always work towards getting the things I want in life personally or professionally. My happiness & financial security are in my hands. I don’t “need” a man to complete my life, I “want” a man that enhances my life.

You don’t have to be a professional Mistress nor does your partner have to be submissive in order please you! These are just labels to explain behaviour so we understand them better in the BDSM/Femdom world.

Compatibility, trust, honesty, openness & vulnerability are more important in relationships.

Men should protect women & especially their romantic partner, both physically & emotionally - you both have to work together on being open & honest to avoid resentment.

Resentment, hiding your feelings & sexuality destroys close bonds.

I believe sex of all kinds depending on your preferences are very important in relationships for bonding.

Our sexuality is at our very core and a very powerful tool for overcoming issues that arise.

Sexual freedom within a relationship is wonderful. Sharing passion & desires. Turning to each other for pleasure and feeling each other’s energy. No walls. Just total openness.

Sex can create resiliency in relationships. I believe you can overcome anything if you have friendship & sexual openness in your relationship.

It is something you need to continually work on as a common goal within your relationship as we/our relationships change over time.

You need understanding & patience to achieve this.

If you are not sexually fulfilled within your relationship your sexual focus and attention goes elsewhere starving your relationship of vital life.

Many relationships start without any real talk about what their sexual desires & expectations are. After time you realise you are not compatible in & out of the bedroom often staying with someone out of habit or ease but feeling unfulfilled.

You can still love & care for someone but not be “in love” and fully committed emotionally & sexually.

Again turning to seeking external pleasure for fulfillment and pushing your bond further apart.

Don’t confuse love with habit.

I speak to many men & women who are unsure about how to bring their true desires into their relationship and it gets harder the longer you have been with someone for fear of rejection - but equally feeling restricted sexually because you don’t have the sexual freedom within your relationship that you crave. This then becomes a burden because you are not being true to yourself or your partner/relationship.

This then creates shame & guilt which further affects your relationship & dilutes your bonding & creates disharmony especially when you turn to other avenues in secret to seek your sexual desires & pleasure.

This is especially true when it comes to men who have alternative sexual fantasies & fetishes.

Most successful relationships are built on foundations of friendship, trust, honesty & sexual & emotional openness & hard work to keep things fresh & exciting in & out of the bedroom.

If you can be vulnerable and open sexually you can be open about pretty much all other aspects of life!

When I ask people how important sex is to them in a relationship it’s always high up on the list! They want to feel wanted in this way - the object of their partners desires and feel this gives them a special closeness within the relationship.

If I ask what would they change if they could change something about their relationship most people always say their sexual fulfillment - but find it hard to approach because the foundations were never laid down for discussion in the early stages of the relationship and want to avoid hurt feelings or making their partner feel inadequate.

Sometimes you can overcome these situations depending upon the reasons behind them, others not - great relationships take time & effort to stay healthy & alive and both parties need to work on this to thrive.

Always follow your true feelings even if it means having to make tough decisions for your future ahead.

So many people stay in situations they are not truly happy in and often the inevitable happens anyway causing more pain in the process.

Easy doesn’t always bring you the true happiness & fulfillment you deserve. Learn from your experiences good & bad. This helps us grow & move forward ❤️

Be courageous with your choices but compassionate with your actions.

With love & gratitude

Goddess Becky xox

P.S Remember if in doubt always talk to your Mistress in confidence because she‘s here to guide & help you!

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