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Fears & Fulfillment

Updated: Jan 5

The men that serve Me don’t need to wander around looking for the next thrill or source of excitement! They want for nothing!

I am the greatest pleasure, the ultimate the adventure that never ends.

I fully encompass their every need giving them purpose and fulfillment beyond anything they could ever imagine.

I am not for weak & foolish boys! Only real authentic submissive men or gentlemen can handle a real Woman like Me!

The question is do you have what it takes to to please Me?

Only the best MEN need apply! I have no time for little boy mentality.

Real men only!

I know I provoke your fears but do you have the courage to overcome them? Brave men face their fears with faith and courage.

You keep coming back here, I bet you are reading this right now with your heart racing with slight nervousness and excitement whilst feeling slightly aroused. Admit it, I do something to you than no other person has - or can!

I stimulate your entire being not just your d*** - even though you want to feel my orgasmic pleasure right now as you touch yourself for Me. It feels so good doesn’t it.

Imagine how you would feel if you were noticed by Me and had My attention. Look at the way I make you feel without even acknowledging you.

Touching yourself under My guidance would feel so much better.

You want this! You know you need this! The first step into submission is always the scariest.

Not many men have what it takes! Submission is not for the weak or those who lack character and substance.

Courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it! The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers his fears.

Eventually you will have no choice but to give in! It’s your destiny. It’s why you keep finding your way back here. Ask yourself why you are here again?

The more you do for Me the better you will feel.

My words resonate deep in your mind. You can’t stop thinking about Me.

Be true to your self. Your aimless wandering doesn’t truly satisfy your true desire. Your short term gratification doesn’t leave you feeling fulfilled for very long.

You must learn how to be better!

Yes I am beautiful and my body is sexy but you know My greatest asset is My mind.

I have the ability to see straight through you and into your mind and soul. Feeling exposed is both risky and rewarding.

Everything you ever wanted is in the other side of fear.

Real men put the happiness of their Goddess first and in return their selfless actions are rewarded tenfold.

I know what you need and what’s good for you!

Selfless actions and devotion always bring deep fulfillment. It helps us identify and connect with others which in itself is rewarding.

It helps minimise our egos because we are not acting out of pride or for a desire to be noticed. Selflessness helps us act from our heart and soul instead of our ego, tapping into our true desired feeling.

There's research to back this up too. Researchers in Switzerland found that those who are more generous, which you would agree requires an altruistic nature, were happier.

Don‘t tell Me you have what it takes, show Me with actions and I’ll be the judge of whether you have the ability to serve Me.

Words are all to often easy to say! It’s your actions that I take notice of and what truly counts!

Do you think you can impress Me? I am only interested in the best men!

What values do you think are important to Me?

Are you brave enough to devote yourself to Your Goddess today?

No matter where you are in the world 🌎 you can serve me! See my link below for online training and servitude ⬇️

Goddess Becky xox

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Apr 24, 2022

Those words struck a bullseye with

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