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I'm an experienced, intelligent, fun but no nonsense British Dominatrix. 

The images on my website are a true representation of my current appearance. I am always told I look even better in real life and that my photos don't do me any justice! I am always immaculately styled and take huge pride in my appearance. My powerful energy speaks before I do. 

I have 20 years experience in the fetish & Femdom world, recreating fantasies & real life male training  & obedience. I specialise in BDSM, female domination, humiliation, financial domination & fetish play & indulgence.  Above all you will learn to serve, respect and adore me in all situations both in and out of sessions. You can learn much more about me, my beliefs and my work in my blog.


My books are currently closed  for real time sessions. I'm focusing on my online projects.


All bookings are initially dealt with via email. All appointments are booked in advance and a 50% NON REFUNDABLE deposit taken at the time of the booking to secure your time slot.

I am only interested in power play and psychological dynamics with submissive gentlemen. 

Sessions are £1000 per hour! Minimum 1 hour booking. I take time, care and attention with all sessions! They are never rushed. I like to get to know my clients and offer pre, during and post session care. I pride myself on professionalism and being the best at what I do!


I expect my clients to be polite & respectful at all times, professional minded, genuine, honest & upfront about what they require during a session. Disclose any medical problems that may cause issues, clean, presentable & not under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Most importantly, please be ON TIME for your session (not early). I only see the best candidates that I find interesting & possess integrity.

Potential clients must respect that I remain fully clothed at all times!!! I do not session topless or in the nude. I do not offer any sexual services or intimate worship - for any amount of money!


I don't like to rush or clock watch on bookings. I do have a busy schedule so like to keep within agreed time frames. I always allow adequate time for my sessions. 

Typically we have time for a chat when you arrive & calm nerves & to freshen up if you need too. I appreciate that some of you will have travelled some distance and may need to unwind for a few minutes before your booking starts. There is also time after your booking to refresh & discuss the booking and decompress if you wish before you head off.


Please allow yourself plenty of time for your travel. It's not always possible to run over past our agreed time slots due to other working commitments. If you arrive late this could result in a shorter booking. I don't offer refunds for shorter bookings due to late arrival. You are paying for my time, not yours.


I understand that some of you aren't subs or slaves and therefore don't want to be treated as such, you're just here for the "kink" element in which you are into. You don't have to call me "Mistress" and kneel before me! I have a wide range of clients and I respect all needs and wishes! If it's "not your thing" we don't do it! I still expect the utmost respect from you though at all times. I want my clients to feel comfortable and safe in my hands. First and foremost you are treated like an individual person! Most important is that the session is fun for both of us.


Despite having high standards & expectations from my guests, I am also fair and easy to engage with. I am always ready to listen or talk about concerns that you may have about any session or activities.


I may have a strict/professional approach & manner to a lot of things and enjoy dominating you. I want my subs to be relaxed , reassured and comfortable when coming to visit me, even if they are nervous about being on the receiving end of a good hard punishment.


I don't enjoy sessions if I think my subs are not into something! I don't like going through the motions for the sake of earning money either. I take working in this environment very seriously! I like to have fun though and enjoy the sessions too! I don't session with everyone, I have to feel confident that we will have a positive connection & suited to each other's preferences.


Limits are always respected, as I hope mine are also! Safe words can be used if you wish.


I do expect to be treated with respect at all times and I don't suffer fools gladly!! I may be amenable but don't take ANY nonsense!


I like to deal with intelligent, respectful people. 

Finally, please respect I do not offer any sexual services, intimate body worship, or session topless or nude in real time sessions for any amount of money!


I also offer phone chats and Skype sessions. I prefer to book these via my Fansly or Only Fans page. I like chatting with my boys before our session as this builds things up nicely. Only Fans members also get discounted rates on remote sessions booked and paid via my Only Fans page.

Click here for details on how to serve me online. 

To learn even more about me visit my blog I write articles to influence, inspire and educate all minds whether kinky or curious in relation to BDSM, relationships & psychology. 

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