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My Mind Is Art

One of the greatest gifts I was ever given was to think. Having my mind 🧠 opened & stimulated deeply by so many people and experiences - both good and bad from a young age.

It can be both a blessing and a curse as sometimes I find it hard to switch off because I am always looking for answers and solutions to problems when they arise. I find it hard to switch my mind off until I find the resolution to fix the problem 🤯

But for most of the time thinking so deeply is pleasurable because it allows me to be creative with life and my work. Writing and creating.

Being able to express yourself in many ways is a blessing. Once you learn to master your thoughts 💭 you step into your real power.

Your mind is the most precious and powerful thing you own. Take good care of it and feed your soul and nourish your mind every day ❤️

I hope my writings and musings bring bring positive thoughts and inspiration to you 🕊

With Love & Gratitude 🙏🏼

Goddess Becky xox

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