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Goddess Becky Q&A's

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

Q: Other than real time sessions how can sub's serve you?

A: I offer online sessions (Skype) and also tasks and sexting via my Only Fans Page. Engaging with my social media posts on Twitter and Instagram is also really appreciated as this helps more people become aware of me. Sub's can also send gifts from my Amazon Wishlist if they wish to serve from afar and do something nice for me. Many items I use on my shoots.

Q: What qualities do you look for in a sub?

A: Intelligence, manners & being respectful. Good communication skills. Able to follow basic instructions. Honesty. Integrity. The ability to organise their schedules effectively and stick to arrangements & make a commitment and arrive ON TIME for their appointment! A good sense of humor is always a plus point!

Q: What's a sure fire way of getting ignored as a sub?

A: It's important that we connect! I am picky as to who I see for sessions, if I don't think we will get on, it's unlikely we will session! If you're rude, pushy, frequently fail to stick to arrangements without very good reason, if I suspect you're lying, become too needy or obsessive, can't control your emotions in a balanced manner, poor standards of hygiene, lack interpersonal skills, waste my time, find you difficult to deal with will get you ignored or won't be invited back again.

Q: Any advice for new subs?

A: Do not bombard me with emails every 5 minutes! I am very busy and not online 24/7. I will reply when I can. I don't need 10 emails on top of each other because I haven't replied to you straightaway. This is very irritating and puts me off wanting to engage with you. Be patient!

Do not arrive early for your appointment! I always have a busy schedule arriving early is always inconvenient! I always leave enough time between appointments without you needing to arrive early. Arrive on time!

Just be normal when dealing with me as you would anyone else! Make an effort, don't be vague, there's no need to be shy! I'm quite open minded.

Q: What's your favourite type of session?

A: Fun sessions! It's the people that make or break a session! It's nice when someone can laugh at themselves. Role play sessions are good too, especially when you have a good rapport  with each other. I love confessions and punishments for real life misdemeanours!

Q: How do you prepare for a session?

A: I deal with all enquiries by email so I can refer back to them and refresh my memory before my appointments. I then get everything I need ready and prepped, then get myself ready and take my selfies for social media lol. I try to be as organised as possible as this makes for a much better session.

Q: What can a client expect from a session with you?

A: They will receive a professional, friendly greeting in a relaxed, clean, safe & comfortable environment. Upon arrival my clients are usually very nervous so I like to have a chat, general chit chat to calm nerves. Then double check everything we have discussed via email is still OK and if they have any last minute questions. I brief them on how things will start, show them where we are going to be working. It's important they feel comfortable & happy with what's going on. I pride myself on giving my clients exactly what they want. It's a business transaction, albeit slightly different from the norm. You'd be pretty peed off if a decorator painted your hallways blue because he thought it looked better than the colour you had chosen, so why would I disregard what my clients are looking for? I want them to be happy & return! I like to be clear on the boundaries and then within those boundaries anything goes! I never cross an individuals limits. I'm great at reading people and their reactions so I know just how far to push them. I'm very passionate about giving my client the best femdom experience they've ever had!

Q: What do you think is the biggest misconception about working as a Pro Domme?

A: I can only speak from my own personal experiences and a lot of people, especially outside of the industry and lifestyle just don't understand what it is that I offer! People seem to think you're just a kinky prostitute!!! No, no, NO! It is not sexual, it's largely psychological! It's more psychological than it is physical or even about pain! I consider myself to be a Disciplinarian, I teach discipline and administer punishments! Sexual activities are not punishments!!

Another is that you hate men! Nope! I meet some of the nicest men ever through my work.

Third is that it is all about pain and being horrible, shouting etc - far, far from this! Everything is consensual and requires a lot of communication and understanding.

That submissive men are weak. No! Definitely not. Most submissive men I meet are very powerful in their day to day lives! They enjoy submitting to me because they are looking for a power exchange.

If there is question you would like me to me to answer here please drop me an email via the contact page above.

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