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Femdom Life Coaching

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

This page is for those of you wishing to change aspects of your life with a little alternative guidance. Please read through this page thoroughly so you understand what my Life Coaching entails.

My alternative methods guide you to evaluate where you are in your life & help you get to where you want to be in life and reach your goals. I will listen to your circumstances and help you find solutions, I will give clear, unbiased advice and together we will take YOUR plans and turn them into actions.

Many mainstream methods simply don't work for some of the people - it's not because the help & support they are being given are wrong in any way. It just does not work for them and they need a bigger incentive to make changes in their life and reach their desired goals.

Some people find they need a little motivational discipline to help them along, aside from the usual discussions in more traditional methods. Myself & my clients have found that as well as discussing your needs, various forms of discipline or humiliation and being accountable to me help, encourage you along your path to get to your destination and improve in many areas of life, be it fitness goals, work life, or just general motivation.

Many of my clients find they need more of an incentive & stricter approach to keep them on the right path in reaching their goals.

I’m a firm believer in that men need to have a more disciplined lifestyle! They are easily distracted and this leads to being complacent and often lazy! They know right from wrong and what they “should” or sometimes “should not” be doing but choose to ignore these areas and get carried away instead.

They need a firm yet gentle approach from someone to guide them and not let them get away undesirable behavior.

These are REAL life coaching sessions, offering REAL guidance but with an alternative twist for those that need something a little extra in the motivation department – whilst at the same time understanding & patient to your needs and requirements.

I don't offer the softly, softly approach with these sessions as you would find in the more mainstream routes!

There would be no point in coming to me otherwise!  They are designed to facilitate learning new behaviour for personal growth, NOT a role play session! They are of a no nonsense nature - if I think you could have done better or feel you have just been lazy - you will know about it! If you fail to stick to the goals YOU made you will suffer the consequences of your failings with corrective therapy to help maintain you on the right path for your journey and to reach your goals.

Sometimes a dose of discipline is exactly what is required for some of you to take steps forward and keep you going forwards rather than standing still or walking in the wrong direction. And if you are here reading this, you know you need it too!

I’m a firm believer in that people need discipline in some form in life, some find it hard to be self motivated and disciplined. It is a skill and something I personally implement into my daily life and routines. I believe you should lead by example so I certainly practice what I preach!

We are all motivated by different things and sometimes people need a firm hand in order to get themselves motivated. Having to answer to a hot strict Goddess who will not be impressed by your lack of trying helps to focus some minds rather well I find. And so will you :)

The most important thing to remember is that you are setting the goals! It is not a session to sit around moaning about your life, feeling sorry for yourself and gaining sympathy. It's to CHANGE the areas of your life you are not happy with and wish to improve with positive action!

I am able to help with various areas of coaching in the following areas:

Personal Health & Fitness

Personal Well Being


How it works

We will discuss your needs and requirements and YOU will set your goals - I feel this is important as you need to be aware of where you are going! Ultimately you are making your own life choices – that is not for me to decide for you!

I will simply use discipline to encourage & motivate you and also as a consequence and punishment for your failure to complete your tasks set! I will decide on the correct amount of discipline & punishment you receive in return!

We discuss things that hold you back, ideas and things to try, I help you decide goals, but you have to say what they should be. I will influence of course, and push you to make them a challenge worth doing!

Everything you tell me is dealt with in the strictest of confidence! I am not here to judge you in any way! I am naturally very open minded, understanding and a good listener. Hopefully you will feel comfortable and able to express yourself freely in our sessions. I will always be happy to listen to you to talk about anything you wish to discuss.

I will always remain open and honest at all times - I feel this is the only way to be if you wish to move forwards, this may result in hearing things that are perhaps a little hard to digest at times, but long term, resulting giving you the motivation, inspiration, courage & strength  to make necessary life changes in order to progress to a happier and more fulfilling future.

If you would like to discuss a Life Coaching session with me you can connect with me on my Only Fans and your journey to positive change starts right here online!

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