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I'm a widely known, notable personality and pillar of trust within the adult community. Based in the UK but recognised worldwide for the multitude of work I have undertaken over the last 20 years as a professional Mistress, model, actress and content creator. 


As we transition into 2024 - the digital era of creation my work is now heading in a new direction. Writing and life coaching. Two of my passions, writing and helping others. It's time to create something new and long lasting for the future ahead. It's going to be very exciting. My greatest work is yet to come!


My work is particularly respected & admired worldwide for my knowledge and understanding of the industry and psychological mindset of sexuality relating to submission and dominance.


Whilst my books are currently closed for real-time sessions my online fan base continues to grow exponentially.

I am particularly interested in human interaction, psychology and psychological power play dynamics between individuals. This c
an be done in person or online - the beauty of online is I can reach more of you!


I believe the best intimate relationships are more psychological than physical and require open, honest communication, respect and the willingness to understand. 


I currently create content for my online platforms including IWantClips & Clips4Sale. I am also online daily on my fan pages. Loyal Fans and Only Fans. You can claim a free trial to my Only Fans Page here.

My digital business card can be found below at the bottom of this biography and you can find all my links and social pages there.

I also blog and write articles to influence, inspire and educate all minds whether kinky or curious in relation to BDSM,  relationships & psychology. 

My main focus at the moment is online sessions, training, mentoring and life coaching. I have always loved helping others and supporting their growth. 


Moving into 2024 I have a new mission to become an advocate and powerful voice for the adult community fighting against censorship and ever growing discrimination we face on a regular basis. There's long been a war on the adult community well now it's time to disarm the opposition. 

I offer a limited number of fantasy/role-play real-time Femdom sessions, covering a variety of themes and scenarios. Largely these are reserved for my long standing and loyal following. I don't offer professional sessions to everyone, I much prefer quality over quantity.


If you wish to serve me you need to prove yourself worthy to me over an extended period of time. Start by joining my Fan Page or following me on Twitter, support my work & engage with me directly to see if we connect. Be interesting and stand out to me!

I am online daily on my fan pages.

Browse my website & blog to learn more about me. Join my newsletter & Telegram Channel so we don't lose touch with censorship issues.

Please note I do not offer ANY sexual services in real time or session topless or nude!

All my links can be found here. Join my mailing list below for updates too!

Are you ready to start your journey into my world?  Learn, grow, explore and find your purpose today.

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Goddess Superior
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